Crating Service

The MailRoom has an expert crating service for all of your high tech equipment, antiques, and artwork. Our skilled designers can build the perfect crate for anything you need to ship, for wherever you need to ship it. Crating is an art form and at The Mailroom we are the master artists. We will build a crate that will protect your valuables with strength in all the right places.

With all crating services from The Mailroom comes our experienced customer service team to make sure your goods get where they are going without a hitch - even if shipping internationally. Our crating designers know which countries accept what kind of crate and our customer service staff will make sure all the necessary forms are completed. We specialize in packing delicate items like antiques, artwork and electronics.

Leave your crating to the experts, and keep your costs down while you do so, by using The MailRoom for all your crating needs.

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