How is shipping calculated?

Shipping costs are determined by three basic factors:
First, the weight of the package
Second, the dimensions of the package
Third, the destination of the package

Weight is the first thing we all think about when shipping a package. Heavier packages cost more to ship than lightweight packages. They take more fuel to move, sometimes more people to move, and frequently more room on a truck to move. So we all understand why they cost more to ship.

But what about when you have a large package that doesn’t weigh much. Say you’re shipping a pillow? Carriers use the formula length X width X height, divided by 139 equals the dimensional weight in lbs. As an example we use a pillow in a box that measures 16 x 12 x 6 and weighing 1 lb and a brick in a box that measures 8 x 3 x 3 and weighing 1 lb
Applying the formula gives 7 lbs (rounded to the nearest lb) for the pillow and 1 lb for the brick. This means that even though they weigh the same you are paying the 7 lbs price to ship the pillow because of its size. That means you could ship 6 more pounds of stuff with the pillow and still pay the same price as shipping the pillow alone.

The last factor is the destination of the package. The farther away the destination, the higher the shipping price is for UPS, FedEx and many postal options. The Post Office has done a very good job of promoting their Flat Rate boxes for shipping. As long as your item fits, the flat rate boxes can be a great option for you. Here at The MailRoom, we can help you get your package into the smallest box possible and we will guide you as to whether the USPS Flat Rate boxes are a good value for your package or not.


Can I insure a package?

Insurance, or Declared Value Coverage (DVC) is easy to get with any UPS, Fed-ex, or United States Postal Service (USPS) package. All of UPS and Fed-ex packages include a $100 DVC which is provided free of charge. Since the first $100 is free they charge for every additional coverage in increments of $100. USPS does not come with complimentary DVC like the others, but it is available for every $100, for packages only. USPS does not allow DVC to be added to any letters. The only services with USPS that have DVC available are 1st Class Mail Parcel, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, and Express Mail.

When will my shipment arrive?

Many Factors determine the arrival time of your shipment. The main factors that determine this are distance and type of service selected. Overnight Services are available for UPS, Fed-Ex, and DHL. USPS provides and Express Mail Service that may arrive in 1 business day if it is within a reasonable distance. Depending on your location Ground Services with UPS and Fed-ex can arrive in 1 to 5 days. Services with these carriers also include a 2nd Day Air and 3 Day Air Select. USPS shipments are not as specific when it come to allotted time to make its destination. 1st Class is a 3-7 day service, Priority Mail is 2-3 days, Express Mail is 1-3 days, and their slower services include Media and Parcel Post that can range from 1-6 weeks.

How can I track a shipment?

Any package sent with postage from The Mailroom can have Tracking or Confirmation included. This includes letters as well. Tracking or Confirmation numbers can be tracked on the Carrier's website or Mobile App. Do not worry if you loose your number because it will be kept on file here at The Mailroom and will never be deleted. Packages that are pre-labeled with not be as easy to find. We are required to enter them in a "drop-off" system for UPS and Fed-ex but your name will not be associated with these packages. USPS does not have a system to enter them into. It is recommended that you write down package drop off tracking numbers from which ever carrier your shipping with and keep them in your records.

How is the postage printed?

Postage at The Mailroom is printed with our professional shipping software. A label is printed that includes the address of the recipient and the sender, along with the postage and tracking numbers. When you bring a package to The Mailroom you do not need to have addresses written on the outside of the envelope or package. If you are a previous customer, our software saves the addresses you have previously sent to. Saving you time and keeping the lines short at The Mailroom.

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