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Grandfather Clock

This Grandfather Clock was sent overseas. We took great can in securing the clock safely for the long journey. We ship antiques daily including clocks, porcelain, silver, glass, jewelry, and much more. We have shipped these items all over the world. We take pride in our work, along with our care to make sure your precious items you value so highly are treated as if they were our own.


JBL Studio Monitors

Crating is a specialty here at The Mailroom. These large studio monitors were very heavy and had to travel across the U.S. to California. We built the crates specifically for these items and used our high quality packing materials to line them. These crates were built strong and padded very well which assured both our customer and us that they would arrive unharmed.


Charcoal Horse Drawing

Shipping framed artwork is another specialty of ours. This very detailed charcoal drawing was sold from one of the prestigious horse societies here in Lexington. The artwork was of high value and we were entrusted to create a very safe and secure package to travel with UPS. We have shipped artwork of all kinds including sculptures, glass art, and various painting of different sizes. Our shipments have also included large framed photos as well.

Special Jobs

Decorative "Gnome Home"

Here at the Mailroom we have many customers that bring us items that would be very difficult to find a box and packing material for. This "gnome home" is one of those. We have plenty of packing materials that allow us to ship these items safely. Items such as novelty items, decorations, and small furniture are among these items. There is not a job that is too big or too small for us. We have the ability to make any size box custom to their special needs. Even if you want an item packed for safe storage.

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